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Seattle 14
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Expedition Contributions

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PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2006 9:48 pm    Post subject: Seattle 14 Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 12:27 am    Post subject: Re: Seattle 14 Reply with quote

Expedition Contributions wrote:

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on the one hand silent, but on the other still lively,
although no people are at the scene, some indicators show that there is live behind the walls
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PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 6:37 pm    Post subject: Table Lamp Reply with quote

In the diffused light of the table lamp she snuggled deeper into her grandmother’s old armchair. Stared at the black screen of her notebook. It had long ago turned itself off. Meanwhile night had fallen outside. A few hours ago, dusk had crept up on her, the shadows in the room growing deeper until darkness had swallowed everything but the little lighted circle of the bright yellow, green and red lamp. That lamp her grandmother had loved more than anything else in this somber room. Granny had used to smile when someone asked her about the lamp and had usually answered ‘Ah, that lamp…you know, I guess I just keep it because it lends kind of a cheerful atmosphere to this room.’ She took a quick glance through the room. The maroon sofa, the worn armchairs, the pictures. Everything seemed comfortable, but somber. And then the bright lamp. Granny had been right – like usual.
She sighed… and wriggled uneasily in the chair. Since she’d begun thinking about her granny she had started to feel like an intruder here in this house that her grandmother had spent all her life in. Again she stared at the black and empty screen of her notebook, trying to ignore the uneasiness. But she couldn’t concentrate. Here thoughts stole back to her granny… and to the house. This room. There is absolutely no reason to feel like an intruder, she told herself. I have spent so much time here. I’ve been coming to this house for ages. The best moments of my life I spent here. I belong here. But without her granny’s presence the house felt strange. Not empty, like her parents’ house seemed ever since they had been gone. No… the atmosphere seemed different here… somehow charged. She had felt it all day; but now in the dark it had become almost oppressing. Night pressed against the windows and in the shadows memories were moving. Only the lighted circle of the lamp kept these things from her. Kept her save.
She considered pushing the armchair closer to the lighted lamp. No, silly, she chided herself for her childish fears. You stay right were you are. There is nothing in this room except for a few old pieces of furniture. Nothing more. Anyways, why was she afraid of the dark? She had never been afraid of the dark. Never, not even as a child. To go into the cellar and get some of the apples that used to be stored in the corner behind the stairs? No problem. Not for her. Spiders and woodlice scurrying over the damp floor? So what? She was the one to catch them and keep them in glasses. Tonight, the thought of leaving her lighted refuge gave her the creeps. Not to mention opening that door and stepping into the musty darkness of the old earthen cellar downstairs. But then she had to laugh at herself. Cowering into the old armchair shaking at the thought of going downstairs. Silly, silly you… oh, it’s all darkness and shadows down there… right, and there is the light switch right next to the door that will ban the shadows and reveal the room to be what it really is: an old cellar. There would be shelves with rows upon rows of jars full of jelly, fruits and other stuff that no one had bothered to clean out. Just like no one had touched anything else in the house. Because she had not wanted them to do so. Oh, those jars full of fruits. She closed her eyes and remembered the times her grandmother had prepared a special treat for her: cherries and cream. A smile lit up on her face as she basked in the happy memories of days that have passed.
Until a year ago, she had thought about this place as a safe haven where she could return to whenever something in her life had gone wrong. And there had been countless situations that made her retreat to her grandmother’s place. A few days of being pampered by granny and she could be sure to be able to face the world and her problems again. Over and over again it had worked. Not so tonight. She sighed. It was the first time that she had come here ever since her granny was gone. She had desperately needed the retreat. Otherwise she wouldn’t have come. But now, it seemed like this hadn’t been one of her best ideas. She turned back to her notebook. Tried to distract herself from her thoughts. It was her grandmother’s house and it felt different because she hadn’t been here for ages, nothing more to it. And now, she really needed to get some work done. She had also come here to finish this piece. The deadline was close already. Well, she had thought she might be able to concentrate better in this place she felt more at home in than at her small apartment in town.
She turned in the armchair to allow more light to fall on the screen. Back to work. She began typing furiously, avoiding every glance into the room. A quarter of an hour later, she stopped abruptly. Glanced quickly through the room. Tried to penetrate the shadows. The feeling of uneasiness crept up again. She began to hum to herself. Smiled at her doing so. Maybe all of this came from her missing her grandmother’s warmth so much. Her granny’s presence, that had calmed her, put things into the right perspective again. Without her the house felt like any other house. But no. This was different. There was something. Something she hadn’t ever felt before. Neither in this house while her grandmother still lived nor in any other house she had stayed at before. Another small smile. Her mother would have said that the houses energy was different. And advised her to bring in some Feng Shui crystal or a small fountain to cleanse the atmosphere. Yeah, right… just the thought of having a fountain with crystals somewhere in a corner of this stuffy old room made her laugh. It would be so out of place. If her mom had suggested that to her granny, she would have snorted, said ‘If you say so’; then she would have turned and murmured ‘She is starting to be off the hook majorly. Cleanse the atmosphere with crystals, ha! I have lived here all my life and I’ve never felt the urge to cleanse the atmosphere.’
Smiling to herself she decided to stop pretending to work and go to bed. She got up, felt her way to the door and the light switch. Turned on the ceiling lamp. In sharp contrasts, the furniture stood out in the glaring light. See, she reminded herself, there is absolutely nothing in this room. She watched the colorful table lamp for a while before switching it off. In the brightly illuminated room its now feeble light didn’t seem that special anymore. Still, she left the ceiling light burning and went upstairs to the small guestroom that she had always occupied when staying with her grandmother.
The old iron post bed, the countless quilts, her baby pictures on the wall and the selection of her favorite books on the shelves helped her to relax. She took an old Dumas novel from the shelf and sitting on the bed she read the first pages, which she knew so well, she could recite them by heart. While following the plot, she slowly dozed off.
She awoke on the bed, lying curled up with her clothes still on, the light burning and the book pressed to her heart. Outside, then sun was shining in a brilliant blue sky.
The light in the living room was still turned on and she felt slightly ridiculous when recalling her behavior the night before. She stepped inside the room. Took a surveying glance at the old furniture. The armchairs, the sofa, the pictures, the table with the little lamp on top. That lamp that – in bright daylight - looked like nothing but some ugly old tiffany lamp that wouldn’t interest the cheapest antiques dealer. The huge window let in a flood of daylight which made the little tears, rents and stains of the fabric of the chairs stand out even more. And of course, the dust that covered everything. A few tentative steps later, she leaned her forehead against the cool window pane and looked outside. Everything familiar, too. The place hadn’t changed in the past year since she hadn’t been here. The brightly colored houses gave the place a cheerful air… but she also noticed that most of the windows were dark and empty. Her car, which she had left parking at the base of the little hill the house stood upon, was the only one around. The lawns were lush and green since there were no more children playing on them. Everything was so quiet. So peaceful. And lonely. A still-life. She remained at the window without moving. Staring at the empty houses that at least partially been filled with life when she was here the last time. But now, they were all gone. Moved to other places, other towns. Tears welled up in her eyes and started trickling down her cheek. You’re so sentimental she rebuked herself. There are far more urgent problems in your life that need attention than a few empty houses in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Isn’t that exactly why you came here for? To be alone, to think things through, to get your life back on track? More tears filler her eyes, blurred her vision. The landscape outside dissolved into colorful dots. But how was she supposed to work things out without the reassuring presence of her granny… who had been the one to set everything right with a few words, who had asked the right questions? She needed her. Needed her so much. Sobbing she leaned against the window. She just couldn’t accept the fact that her grandmother was gone. Dead for almost a year now. Never again her throaty voice over the phone. Never again her big hugs. No more cherries at the exactly the right moment. No more late night talks in these armchairs right behind her. She pressed her palms against her eyes to stop the crying and sobbing.
When she took her hands away and opened her eyes again, the dots still danced before her eyes. The whole outside world, the real world had gone. Only dots of color remained. And then she saw it. Among all the dark green spots that made up the front lawn a bright red dot mingled. She blinked the tears away, trying to focus her vision. Fixed the lawn with her gaze. Nothing. Just…well, lawn, the car, houses… nothing else. The same things that had been there before. Shaking the head, she turned from the window. Time to unpack the notebook and get some stuff done. But the second she turned away, she noticed t again. Right there in the corner of her eye. Bright red and… hopping. In an instant, she was back at the window pressing her nose to the pane. Something had moved outside. For minutes, she stood transfixed and stared without blinking. Girl, you are starting to imagine things! Yesterday you saw things creeping in the shadows and today it’s a bright red thingy on the lawn. Red. Of all colors. Red. Not brown, or black, or white. Like a rabbit would be. Or a cat. No, it’s gotta be red… and hopping. And it’s not like you got an excuse like yesterday. People see things in the shadows all the time. But you, you have to see a bright red hopping thing in full daylight. Maybe it’s time to call in a shrink. Just in case. Before you start seeing yellow elephants and blue cows. She retreated to the kitchen.
The kitchen was the last room that had remained like it had been once. Like her granny would come through the door any minute. And she could definitely use some cherries with cream right now. The longer she thought about what had just happened the more confused she got. I have been seeing things. Hopping things on the lawn outside. It just freaked her out. Definitely time to pack things up and get back into town. To civilization. She should have known that it was no use coming here. Not since her granny had died. She should have known that she’d get all depressed sitting around in an empty house. Not just in an empty house, in an empty village for Christ’s sake! How could she ever have thought that it would help her to straighten things out? She didn’t get better here… no, she sat in a puddle of light in a dark room seeing things… imagining movements in the shadows… and to top everything off, she started to hallucinate in bright daylight.
Decidedly she pushed back her chair. Time to leave. Time to pack her bag, the keys, the notebook and get into the car to drive back into her somewhat chaotic life. Time to stop hanging around and wallowing in self-pity. Time to get away from creeping shadows and hopping red things. Time to get things done.
And she didn’t even notice that she felt like after a good pep talk with her grandmother.

by Stephanie
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PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 1:18 pm    Post subject: Searching For The Point Reply with quote

Searching For the Point

I’m full of meaningless stories. Full of them, literally, they burst out through my skull, little cracks trickling story juice, my eyeballs popping out and giving way to the flood of stories without a point.

Sitting in the garden with my friends, I let go of the stories, the one about going to the supermarket and the one about meeting my teacher in the bus. They stare at me for a while, waiting, and when nothing follows up, some sort of connection maybe, some logic or perhaps a punch line, they return to their stories, meeting an ex- boyfriend with his wife and kid and realising how worn he looks and thanking god he had the mercy to show her the error of her ways and made her split up with him just in time.

Maybe I should get myself some ex-boyfriends. Maybe I should paraglide and hurt myself, that’s a good story to tell. “I could feel the wind in my hair, tearing at me, the merciless grass roaring closer, ever closer, the scream in my throat so far away it was from another life…”. I shudder and pour another cup of tea. “What’s this about you and Robin?”, I ask, sit back and try not burn my lips.
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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 12:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The New Adventures of the Superhero Spiderman

Spiderman honked. His bones were cracking. The same hassle, for eleven years. He bended down and swept some droppings onto a shovel. He stood up, agonisingly slow, made a few steps and placed the heap in front of Kasady’s door. For eleven years. It had already been the second dog Kasady trained to defecate exactly in front of Spiderman’s doorstep. Around noon, the heap would be in front of Spiderman’s door again. On good days he would participate in that ridiculous competition for a while, on bad days he’d just sweep it into the next gully. When he did that, a Soviet flag would be hissed in Kasady’s garden. Spiderman liked the fog, because he couldn’t see the flag then, and when it was raining, the rain soaked the flag and prevented it from blowing in the wind, and it washed away the excrements, and that’s why he also liked the rain, despite his cold.

It looked like it could rain soon, so it was a good day. He grabbed his umbrella and hat and trudged towards the supermarket, passed the blue pick-up truck and the guy at the corner who always stood there, belonging to the scenery like a tree or a litterbox.
Cashier #3, her nameplate said Emily, but this wasn’t her real name, the guy behind the meat counter had told him. Unfortunately he couldn’t understand her real name, his hearing was so bad, it was something with u. He didn’t want to ask a second time. He used to greet her by taking his hat off, saying: Good day, my dear.
When Kasady once noticed that Emily used to smile back his neighbour, he always went to the supermarket at the same time as Spiderman, pushed him away, took his hat off in an absurdly big bow and shouted with a twinkling grin: Hey Sweetheart!
But since Kasady was expelled from the market one day, because he blocked both exits of one corridor with trolleys while Spiderman tried to bend down to the pickle glass, the market was Spiderman’s ground again. He used to buy pickles every day for a while, hoping that Kasady would be struck by lightning or suffer a heart attack on the toilet, but nothing of the sort happened. He bought spinach and some bean soup. Twothirtyeight, Emily said, she might have been fifty or a little bit older, but when he saw her bum shaking while she stocked up the shelves he knew there was still some life in her.

Nobody can say Spiderman didn’t try. But since the day he marked off the area in front of his door with barrier tape, whereupon Kasady lifted the heap over the barrier with an excavator, he realised it would be useless. He returned from the supermarket and saw his neighbour hobble back into his house. The white spot on the street turned out to be a napkin, on which the brown lump was accurately draped, decorated with a small American flag.

Now that does it, Spiderman thought. He devised a plan.

The way upstairs was as easy as never before, although the stairs were steep and narrow. Dusted sunlight fell on the wardrobe when Spiderman opened it. Three years had passed since the last time he stood in front of the wardrobe. His suit. Incredible how it was still shining, the red, the black, after all those years. But the suit had become worthless, he was looking for something else. He collected all preserving jars he could find, went to the living room and sat down in his armchair.

He had to concentrate. A spider, unhurriedly proceeding to weave her cobweb in the blinds, caught his attention. Lucky you, he thought. Concentration. After some minutes, one drop of a pasty, grey fluid dropped out of his right wrist. It still smelled like it used to smell, eventhough it did no longer quite look like it looked before. He just had to concentrate. The prickle in the wrist didn’t feel like a shot anymore, more like a slowly surging wave, shortly breaking itself on the ganglion before rolling back, and only a few drops found the way outside and into the preserving jar. When it was full he capped the jar to keep the content fresh until the next morning. It took some hours until hundred jars were filled with the pasty fluid. In the meantime he was watching the spider, thinking about the past, but he soon forgot what he thought. When he finished his work, he carried one jar after another back upstairs.
Afterwards he went outside, took the rain barrel and sawed it in two. He was sure Kasady was watching all his actions with a binocular, but Spiderman didn’t esteem him to be clever enough to understand. After sawing out the bottom, he took the two halves and welded them lengthwise so that it looked like a long winnow. He wanted to carry it upstairs, but oh, his heart. Instead he attached a long rope to his construction and pulled it up the stairs, rumbling loudly. His heart was beating madly, but he was grinning, at first the corners of his mouth just quivered a bit, but then it was breaking loose, overflowing cheeks, eyes and forehead, it was the first time for a long time, he was grinning with fervour and delight, and he didn’t stop until the winnow stood at the skylight. With an ultimate effort he heaved it outside onto the droop. The exit of the winnow pointed exactly towards the area in front of his door, where he used to find his morning present for the last eleven years.

Slowly he tottered down the stairs again. The effort took its toll. He sat down in his armchairnd and remained motionless for a while. Meanwhile, the spider continued her work, unperturbed, with calm elegance and precision. Spiderman had to cough. After a while he stood up again and collected a big bucket from the cellar. Then he went to bed and fell asleep immediately. His sleep was deep and dreamless.

But next morning he lay in bed wide awake. He heard Kasady fasten his dog’s leash. That was the moment he was waiting for. He got up and washed himself with engagement and a certain enthusiasm. He had breakfast, two bowls of cornflakes and three glasses of orange juice, one more than he usually had. He looked at his watch. Thirtythree minutes had passed between the rattling of the leash and his last draught of orange juice. Kasady had to be back by now. He took the shovel, stepped into the grey morning and placed the fresh heap in front of Kasady’s door, taking care that he chose a place where no passer-by would accidentally carry the object of the controversy into the outside world. He knew what to do now. He went up to the loft and began to empty the content of a hundred preserving jars into the big bucket.

Glass 34. He saw the spider. He felt sorry that he destroyed her home the day before by shutting the blinds.
Glass 41. He heard a police siren in the distance.
Glass 67. He thought about Emily.
Glass 71. He had to fart.
Glass 72. The clouds were giving way for the sun.
Glass 100. He heard Kasady’s door opening with a squeak. Kasady stepped outside, armed with a shovel, a broom, grim resoluteness and his dog, which never left his side. He laboured to get the heap of his beloved mongrel onto the shovel and hobbled towards Spiderman’s entrance door. At that moment, Spiderman lifted the bucket, intending to let its content fall over his slide construction onto Kasady, but the bucket slipped off the window sill, rolled down the droop and fell onto the poor dog. The cobwebs clotted the airways of the animal, and the dark bucket helped to extinguish the dog’s life as if a candle is covered with a jar. Spiderman and Kasady looked at each other, astonished. Kasady was the first to find his countenance again, turned about und disappeared into his house.

He never bought a dog again.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:14 pm    Post subject: udfLSAGWj: <a href=http://www.fedcweb.com/bbw.html Reply with quote

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